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Triple C Recipe Contest

Sunday, May 4, noon, Ka’u Coffee Mill
Free coffee and recipe tastings

Triple C Recipe ContestDiscovering the top original recipes for cookies, candies and cakes (formerly crackers) infused with a Ka’u coffee flavor is the goal of the Triple C Recipe Contest.

Find an APPLICATION HERE - Ka'u coffee provided for each entry. Please READ RULES before applying.


On April 28, as the judges made their way through the entries, guests toured the Visitor Center, farm and facilities, and helped themselves to free freshly brewed Ka’u Coffee samples.

As the scores were calculated, visitors sampled the delicious treats.

Professionals, Amateurs, and Students were welcome to submit a recipe for each category as long as it was in the same division: cookie, candy, or cracker.

Winners were announced at the event. For photos from the event, click here.

To enter, visit or call (808) 928-0550.

Grand Prize

Gwen Edwards, Coca Mocha Roca $500

Amateur Candy

1st - Gwen Edwards, Coca Mocha Roca $150
2nd - Rosario Chelsea-Lynn, Ka'u Coffee Honu Crunch $100
3rd - Nadine Ebert, Chocolate Frosted Coffee Candy $50

Amateur Cookie

1st - Masako Sakata, Ka'u Coffee Cookie Delights $150
2nd - Angelica Kawewehi, Ka'u Coffee Doodles $100
3rd - Nadine Ebert, Mocha Biscotti Frosted with Chocolate $50

Amateur Cracker

1st - Lisa Dacalio, Ka'u Bull Crackers $150
2nd - Masako Sakata, Ka'u Coffee Icing on Cracker $100

Professional Cookie

1st - Aikane Plantation Coffee/ Kapolei High School Culinary Program, Ka'u Coffee Brownies $150
2nd - Trinidad Marques, Ka'u Coffee Chocolate Dipped Pleasures $100

Professional Cracker

1st - Trinidad Marques, Ka'u Coffee Melts $150

Student Cookie

1st - Sarah Beth Passarelli, Coffee-Chocolate Bites $150
2nd - Lorilee Lokenani Lorenzo, Coffee Macnut Pie Crust Bars $100
3rd - Ka'u Middle School Uplink After-school All Stars, Uplink All-Star Cookies $50

Student Candy

1st - Lorilee Lokenani Lorenzo, Coffee Macnut Candy $150