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Ka'u Coffee College

9 a.m. to noon, Sunday, May 28, 2017, Pahala Community Center
Free, donations appreciated

Listen to informative talks given by visiting coffee experts.

Ka'u Coffee CollegeLeaders of the specialty coffee industry are traveling to the Hawai'i's largest agricultural district this May to taste and see all the effort that goes into producing award-winning Ka‘u coffee during our annual Ka‘u Coffee Festival.

While meeting Ka‘u growers, the visiting experts will lead seminars at our annual Ka‘u Coffee College. The Ka‘u Coffee College has proven to be a place of learning, sharing and networking—and has featured some of the industry’s leading professionals from around the globe. The 2016 program followed in this tradition with the theme, “Coffee Quality.”

Check back later for 2017 speakers.

Regarding the 2016 event:

9:00 AM - “Six Years of Farming with CBB: Reflecting and Moving Forward” - presented by Andrea Kawabata and Arturo Ballar Ortiz

This discussion will review the lessons learned in the six years since CBB was discovered in Hawaii, and how to implement best management practices to increase efficiencies on your farm.

Andrea Kawabata is an assistant extension agent for coffee and orchard crops with the University of Hawai‘i CTAHR cooperative extension service. Working out of the Kona Research and Extension Center, Kawabata is the current project investigator for USDA and CTAHR Area-wide Mitigation and Management for CBB Control Project’s Outreach Program and cooperating investigator of the HDOA-funded Flat Bark Beetle Project. Andrea holds a BS in Agriculture from UH Hilo and MS in Tropical Horticulture from UH Manoa Arturo Ballar Ortiz PSM, is the biologist and farm development and research director at Greenwell Farms in Kelakekua. Mr. Ballar is a 4th generation coffee family farmer. He holds a Master’s degree of Environmental Management, Quality and Business Audit from the European School of Management and Business from the Maria Cristina Royal University, Madrid, Spain; and a BS in Environmental Science and Ecology from the Latin University of Costa Rica.

10:00 AM - “Falling Coffee, Falling Profits” presented by Robert G. Hollingsworth

This discussion will focus on the dangers of coffee cherries falling to the ground on their impact on your bottom line.

Mr Hollingsworth is a research entomologist of Hilo’s USDA-ARS-Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center and a specialist on coffee berry borer (CBB). Hollingworth’s research facilitated the deregulation of the GHA strain of Beauveria bassiana, the principal pesticide used to control CBB. Currently he is studying natural enemies of the pest, the effectiveness of sanitation methods and the influence of environmental factors on population growth and development.

10:30 AM - Coffee Quality’s Relationship to Price Sensitivity - presented by Mike Perry

Mike will delve into the importance of premier coffee quality. He is an award-winning roast master who blends a background in chemical engineering with a love for coffee. Mr. Perry is founder of Klatch Coffee in California.

11:15- pau “Recognizing and Minimizing Coffee Defects” - presented by Miguel Meza and Lee Patterson

This workshop will provide insights into recognizing coffee defects, what causes them and how to minimize them. Miguel Meza, owner and director of Paradise Coffee Roasters in Hawai‘i and Minnesota, teams up with Lee Paterson, owner of Hula Daddy Kona Coffee to share their vital insights and experience with coffee quality.


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All are welcome. Donations Appreciated. Call (808) 929-9550.