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Ka'u Coffee College

9 a.m. to noon, Sunday, May 6, 2018, Pahala Community Center
Free, donations appreciated

Listen to informative talks given by visiting coffee experts.

Ka'u Coffee CollegeLeaders of the specialty coffee industry are traveling to the Hawai'i's largest agricultural district this May to taste and see all the effort that goes into producing award-winning Ka‘u coffee during our annual Ka‘u Coffee Festival.

While meeting Ka‘u growers, the visiting experts will lead seminars at our annual Ka‘u Coffee College. The Ka‘u Coffee College has proven to be a place of learning, sharing and networking—and has featured some of the industry’s leading professionals from around the globe. The 2017 program followed in this tradition with the theme, “Boosting Coffee Quality and Profits.”

2017 Speakers:

9:00 - 9:30 AM - “Rearing and Releasing Flat Bark Beetles on Your Farm
Learn how to make the bugs work for you!” - presented by Andrea Kawabata and Jen Burt

Andrea Kawabata is an Associate Extension Agent with UH CTAHR. She works out of the Kona Extension Office and provides outreach to the coffee, tropical fruit and nut industries. Since 2011, she has been coordinating and providing coffee berry borer integrated pest management recommendations to growers throughout the state. Additionally, she conducts research that is applicable to farmers and partners with other agencies to provide growers with educational opportunities and research-based information.
Jen Burt provides technical support to the Areawide Mitigation and Management for Coffee Berry Borer Project and Flat Bark Beetle Project. She is an APT with UH CTAHR and is also located at the Kona Extension Office. 

9:30 - 10:00 AM - “Flat Bark Beetle Predators – Behavior in the Field and Next Generation Breeding Stations” - presented by Peter Follett, PhD

9:30-10:00 Flat Bark Beetle Predators – Behavior in the Field and Next Generation Breeding Stations
Presented by Peter Follett, PhD
Dr. Peter Follett is a Research Entomologist with USDA ARS PBARC in Hilo. He conducts research in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), biological controls and postharvest technology in support of the Hawaii’s tropical fruit and coffee industries.

10:15 - 11:00 AM - "Understanding the Science of Fermentation" - presented by Shawn Steiman, Ph.D

Lots of growers ferment their coffee, but few understand the science behind the process. This important presentation aims to take some of the mystery about coffee fermentation processes.

Dr. Shawn Steiman is a coffee scientist, consultant, and entrepreneur.  His coffee research has focused on coffee production, entomology, ecology, physiology, biochemistry, organoleptic quality, and brewing.  He owns Coffea Consulting, a coffee-centric consulting firm, and Daylight Mind Coffee Company, a multi-faceted business that includes a coffee roastery, coffee house, coffee school, and restaurant.  Steiman regularly presents seminars, workshops, and tastings for both public and private events.  He has authored numerous articles in scientific journals, trade magazines, newsletters, and newspapers.  He is the author of The Hawai‘i Coffee Book: A Gourmet's Guide from Kona to Kaua‘i, Coffee- A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry, and The Little Coffee Know-It-All: A Miscellany for Growing, Roasting, and Brewing, Uncompromising and Unapologetic.

11:15- 12:00 AM - “Getting the Most Out of Your Wet Mil” - presented by Diego Botello

Diego Botello R. is a International Sales Executive for Penagos Hermanos y Compañia S.A.S. Penagos is a leading manufacturer of agricultural processing equipment. Their wet mills are used the world over including in Ka’u. This important workshop will provide an overview of the operation of Penagos equipment and offers a rare opportunity to meet first-hand with the manufacturer - to get the best possible results from your equipment - from an efficiency and quality perspective. Even if you’re not using Penagos equipment this is must- see event if you’re wet-milling coffee. For more information visit

This segment will be followed by a field visit for a hands-on demonstration on Penagos wet milling equipment.


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All are welcome. Donations Appreciated. Call (808) 929-9550.