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Coffee & Cattle Day

10 a.m. on Friday, May 1, 2015
Aikane Plantation Coffee Farm
$25 per person, includes buffet lunch

Enjoy touring through Aikane Plantation Coffee Farm, where descendants of the first coffee farmer in Ka‘u explain how coffee is integrated into cattle ranching and other agriculture.

Aikane Plantation Coffee CompanyAikane PlantationMerle Becker with cattle, Aikane Plantation

In 1894, “Papa” J. C. Searle, Merle’s great-grandfather, planted his first crop of coffee in Ka‘u. His coffee became very popular and received many favorable comments from the local media. Due to a competition for laborers with the sugar plantation, “Papa’s” dream was lost but not forgotten. Over one hundred years later, Aikane Plantation Coffee Company was established by Merle and Phil Becker.

Aikane Plantation Coffee CompanyAt the 2014 event, Miss Ka`u Coffee Amery Silva was on hand, showing off her ranching skills on horseback. Her talents not only include handling animals at local rodeos, but also singing and hula. Aikane Plantation Coffee farm and ranch is on Ka'alaiki Road between Pahala and Na'alehu. Coffee farmers Merle and Phil Becker hosted coffee enthusiasts from as far away as La Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, where coffee is also grown on a volcano.

Aikane Plantation Coffee CompanyAikane Plantation Coffee Company

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